Valuing Teaching: This steering group believes that UQ teaching should be valued equally to UQ researching, and aims to increase the prevalence of fantastic teaching at UQ.

2017 Priorities:

  • Develop a proposal for a UQ Teachers webpage
  • Provide advice to UQ-wide working parties and policy renewal
  • Subscribe as a HEA Partner and roll-out HEA across UQ
  • Become accredited in CPLEF


  • Goals created to support Continued Professional Learning
  • Collaborated with ITS on UQ Teachers proposal
  • Acquired a HEA subscription

2018 Priorities:

  • Pilot assessment analytics in the Medicine Faculty
  • Pilot teaching analytics in multiple Faculties
  • Develop a framework of integrated learning analytic data
  • Create a learning analytic data dictionary


Role / Representation




Associate Professor  Lydia Kavanagh

Director of First Year Engineering

Member / BEL

Associate Professor  Begona Dominguez

Associate Professor, School of Economics

Member / EAIT

Dr  Liza  O’Moore

Senior Lecturer and Deputy ADA

Member / HaBS

Associate Professor  Jodie Copley

Associate Professor, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Member / HASS

Professor Richard Devetak

Head of School, School of Political Science and International Studies

Member / Medicine

Dr Kay Colthorpe

Senior Lecturer, School of Biomedical Sciences

Member / Science

Professor Melissa Brown

Executive Dean

Member / ITaLI

Dr Deanne Gannaway

Senior Lecturer in Higher Education

Member / UQGS

Professor Stephan Riek

Deputy Dean, UQ Graduate School

Member / SMI

Professor  Neville Plint

Director of the Sustainable Minerals Institute

Member / ITS

Ms Ailsa Dickie

eLearning Training Coordinator

Member / Central

Mr Bill Kernahan

Deputy Director, Human Resources (Client Services)

Member / Student Representative

Ms Sophie Blatcher


Member / Student Representative

Ms Helen He



Dr Sam McKenzie

Project Manager, Student Strategy