UQ2U blended learning

New approach for 2021

In 2021, in response to feedback and the new University priorities for digital learning, we are rolling out a new program approach to UQ2U. This new approach (UQ Digital Learning Uplift) enables us to leverage our capabilities and learnings from the last 24 months of delivery. 

Why UQ2U?

Delivering on the University’s vision of knowledge leadership for a better world, is an ambitious but incredibly valuable goal. It is also a goal that will evolve over time as new global challenges emerge, and rapid digital disruption continues to impact the way we teach, conduct research, and the way new knowledge is shared with the world. Standing still is not an option. The University must continually look for ways to remain at the forefront of teaching and research and in developing the next generation of thought leaders.

UQ’s mission is to positively influence society by engaging in the pursuit of excellence through the creation, preservation, transfer and application of knowledge. We will shape the future by bringing together and developing leaders in their fields to inspire the generation and to advance ideas that benefit the world.

A key enabler of this mission is the introduction of UQ2U — a dynamic, engaging and contemporary approach to delivering courses of exceptional educational value to students. UQ2U will provide students with a signature UQ experience that maximises campus-based ‘face time’ with academics and peers, in combination with high-value, flexible online learning.

As a top 50 globally ranked university, UQ is continually looking for new ways to remain at the forefront of both education and research. UQ2U helps maximise both, by supporting our talented academics to bring their research expertise to life for students, in turn helping to foster the next generation of game-changing graduates.

Our approach

UQ2U is being delivered by combining a multi-faceted approach. Course development is undoubtedly a significant part of it; however, its implementation relies on other enabling initiatives.

To deliver on the UQ2U redevelopment of courses, we combine faculty-based subject matter expertise with ITaLI’s learning innovation team in a collaborative project that focuses on student-centred experiences designed to: 

  • Enhance our pedagogies and learning spaces to encourage active and collaborative learning
  • Expand online and digitised delivery to provide students with flexibility to engage with learning in a way that suits their personal needs
  • Transform students into game-changing graduates through authentic assessments and improvement of critical skills for enhanced employability
  • Strengthen partnerships between students, researchers, industry and alumni.


UQ2U resources

The UQ2U team works with you in conceptualising, designing and developing learning assets for your course, both online and on campus.

The following resources have been developed for UQ staff: digital learning sample videos; case studies; edX sample course; UQ2U open courses; recording of the last information session; UQ2U course guidelines and other PDF resources.

"Over the next few years, over 70 courses will be re-imagined and redeveloped to align with the UQ2U approach and progressively rolled out across the University. Initially, our focus is on redeveloping UQ’s largest courses to deliver more flexibility and greater active learning experiences to as many of our students as possible."