Student Life: This steering group focuses on issues that affect the lives of students outside the classroom at UQ.

2017 Priorities:

  • Develop a coordinated approach to student peer mentoring
  • Develop a framework to support student sense of belonging at UQ
  • Facilitate a coordinated approach to mental health support


  • Created a Peer Mentoring Project Steering Committee
  • Created a Mental Health and Wellbeing Working Group
  • Piloted Chronus mentoring software
  • Held a planning session for the sense of belonging framework

2018 Priorities:

  • Establish and implement the sense of belonging framework
  • Implement the coordinated approach to peer mentoring

Membership 2017

Role / Representation




Andrew Lee

Director, Student Affairs


Gabii Starr

President, UQ Union

Member / BEL

Professor Fiona Rohde

Deputy Dean (Academic), School of Law

Member / EAIT

Mark Reedman

Manager, Academic Policy and Development

Member / EAIT

Professor Ross McAree

Head of School, Mechanical and Mining Engineering

Member / HaBS

Professor Ken Pakenham

School of Psychology

Member / HaBS

Dr Louise McCuaig

School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences

Member / HASS

Professor Julie Duck

Associate Dean (Academic)

Member / HASS

Dr Peter Walters

Senior Lecturer, School of Social Science

Member / Medicine

Assoc. Prof. Diann Eley

Director of MD/MBBS Research, Medical Education

Member / Science

Robyn Evans

Student Experience Coordinator

Member / Science

Assoc. Prof. Rowland Cobbold

School of Veterinary Science

Member / Student Affairs

Andrea Strachan

Director, Student Services

Member / Library

Annette McNicol

Director, Library Corporate Service

Member / ITS

Richard Rerrie

Manager, Application Development and Support

Member / UQ International

Alison Jenkins

Director, UQ International

Member / ATSIS Unit

Dr Carlos Rivera

Lecturer, ATSIS Unit

Member / UQ Sport

Bryan Pryde

Chief Executive Officer, UQ Sport

Member / RHD Student

Elese Dowden

Student Representative

Member / Student

Jeremy Lwin

Student Representative

Member / Student

Emma McKenzie

Student Representative


Andrew Jell

Project Manager, Student Strategy