The Green Paper outlines the challenges we must address to ensure The University of Queensland (UQ) continues to be a destination for the world’s best and brightest students. It also includes proposed strategies that encompass all areas of the student experience from curriculum delivery to campus design and student support.

Peter Høj

Outstanding students, staff and alumni, cross-sectoral partners, imaginative teaching, and supporters in government, industry and philanthropy, have all combined to position The University of Queensland in the top echelons of the world’s universities.

UQ graduates become national and international leaders and contribute to solving some of society’s greatest challenges. They are sought-after employees, valued for their ability to think on their feet, work in cross-cultural settings, and identify opportunities for innovation often overlooked by others. This is in no small part a reflection of the tireless efforts by UQ staff to provide high-quality learning opportunities through student-focused, researchbased teaching. It also reflects the emphasis in the UQ Strategic Plan on student success and the development of ‘must-have’ graduate employees as the first of UQ’s six foundations for the future.

We have already taken a number of steps to welcome students to UQ, enhance online systems and services, develop employability strategies and produce world class online learning materials, and are looking at strategies to free up resources to be re-directed to the academic purpose. There are also many examples of effective, future-oriented practices in student learning across UQ from which we can learn. However, there is a clear view that the University should do more.

Drawing on the perspectives of students, staff and alumni, several data sources have informed this Student Strategy Green Paper, which intends to open a discussion across UQ and its stakeholders on UQ’s distinctive student experience. Following the synthesis of feedback on this Green Paper, a White Paper will be released in early 2016. The next steps will prioritise goals and assess resource implications. In turn, the student strategy will inform UQ’s 2017-2021 Strategic Plan, thereby setting an ambitious, five-year enhancement process that will include all UQ coursework students, staff, and stakeholders and enrich the career and life prospects of graduates. I hope you will engage actively with this process.

Peter Høj

2. Developing our student strategy for creating change through transformational learning

This paper outlines the global disruptions to traditional practices in higher education and the local challenges to which UQ must respond.

It also proposes a number of evidence-informed strategies to enhance the UQ student experience in our large, comprehensive university. In doing so, it opens a consultation phase that aims to build a shared commitment to a student-focused, coherent and transformative UQ student experience.

Given your pivotal role in driving change, you are invited to consider these strategies and to offer other strategies that you and your colleagues believe are critical to creating a student experience befitting UQ’s heritage and future. The outcomes of this phase shall be:

  • Broad-ranging input from the UQ community and its stakeholders
  • Prioritised key strategies for the support and transformation of the breadth of UQ’s student experience, staffing, systems, services and spaces
  • Insight into the capacity and resources required to create changes in and through the UQ student experience.