Since the beginning of 2018, the UQ2U team have been working with 600 staff and student partners to blend 58 of the largest courses at UQ. What have been their experiences, challenges and benefits?

Listen to their stories below.

Associate Professor Gwen Lawrie

School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences

CHEM1100 Chemistry 1
Launched in: Semester 1, 2019

Professor Blake McKimmie

School of Psychology

PSYC2361 Psychology of Criminal Justice
PSYC1020 Introduction to Psychology: Minds, Brains and Behaviour

Carl Sherwood

School of Economics

ECON1010 Introductory Microeconomics
Launched in: Semester 2, 2018

Associate Professor Vincent Wheatley

School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering

MECH3200 Advanced Dynamics & Vibrations
Launched in: Semester 2, 2018

Associate Professor Richard Devetak

School of Political Science and International Studies

POLS1201 Introduction to International Relations
Launched in: Semester 1, 2020

Daniel Buzac

Humanities & Social Sciences Student at UQ