Shorter Form Credentials initiative

Related strategic goal Goal 2 Student Centred Flexibility

Shorter Form Credentials (SFCs) are rapidly becoming business as usual in the higher education landscape. At UQ, they will underpin our commitment to flexible learning opportunities, life-long learning and meet our students’ changing education needs and future demands for credentialed learning.

The project aims to provide a One-UQ approach to SFCs including a policy and procedure, a student administration system through SI-net, a marketing and branding framework, and platforms for delivery and support for both academic and professional staff. SFCs are not new to UQ, but changes in technology and demand mean that we need to deliver them in a more holistic and strategic way.

If you are a UQ staff member looking at proposing and delivering a new SFC, access resources for staff.

What are Shorter Form Credentials?

A SFC is a distinct unit of study with academically assessed learning outcomes, generally offered outside an award program, and usually completed in a short time frame (i.e. months rather than years). SFCs may be structured as a single module (e.g. a MOOC that incorporates or is complemented by rigorous academic assessment) or as a suite of combined modules resulting in a larger credential (e.g. a MicroMasters®) or a pathway to one of our programs.

SFCs may be designed for upskilling, recognition of prior learning, entry pathways, and/or to provide students with a point of differentiation. They are transferrable, recognised globally, and flexible in that they can be taken outside our standard timetable. In an age where upskilling/reskilling will be necessary in order to take on jobs that don’t yet exist, SFCs will be essential.

Project details



Working Party

Member Role

Professor Lydia Kavanagh (Chair)

Academic Project Lead, Deputy Associate Dean (Academic), Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Dr Stacey Beaumont

Lecturer, Business School

A/Professor Peter Cabot

Chair, School Teaching & Learning Advisory Committee, School of Pharmacy

Mr Mark Erickson

Academic Registrar, Academic Services Division

Professor Andrew Fairbairn

Head of Discipline (Archaeology), School of Social Science

Professor Greg Hainge

Professor, School of Languages & Cultures (Project 1 Lead, PA2)

Professor Jonathan Hill

Professor, School of Veterinary Science

A/Professor Tim Kastelle

Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Business School

Professor Margaret Mayfield

Head of School, School of Biological Science

Professor Nick Shaw

Associate Dean (Academic), Faculty of Medicine

Ms Mina Singh

Academic Services Division Business Projects

Dr Amberyn Thomas

Director, Learning and Research Services, UQ Library

Dr Dino Willox

Director, Student Employability

Dr Greg Winslett

Deputy Director (Digital Learning), Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation

Ms Erica Menzies

Secretariat, Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation

Key benefits

  1. Maintain national and international market positioning

  2. Potential to widen student base, and maintain better connections with alumni

  3. Potential to increase revenue



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Resources are available to assist staff in successfully implementing Shorter Form Credentials.


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