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RiPPLE is an adaptive learning system that recommends personalised learning resources to students based on their knowledge state, from a pool of resources that are generated by educators and the students themselves.

It can be difficulty to provide a personalised learning experience when teaching hundreds or even thousands of students. One way to overcome this difficulty is to use an adaptive learning system. These systems dynamically change the order of learning material based on each students’ current learning needs. Although these systems have been demonstrated to improve learning, they are not a viable solution for all UQ courses because they require experts to spend tremendous amounts of time creating a vast array of different learning activities.

As a viable alternative, UQ saw great promise in leveraging ideas from crowdsourcing and learning science to create an adaptive system – RiPPLE (Recommendation in Personalized Peer Learning Enviroments). This system is domain agnostic, scalable across the university, does not require large time investments from instructors, and helps students study using effective learning techniques. Using RiPPLE students are recommended resource to study from a large pool of study resources created and vetted for accuracy and effectiveness by one another. Having students create and evaluate learning material does not  just help developing an extensive resource library that enables RiPPLE to be truly adaptive but moreover, it is one of the most potent ways to learn: promoting retrieval practice, creativity, effective communication, evaluative judgment and higher-order thinking.

RiPPLE is one of a number of learning analytics initiatives underway across the University aimed at building our capability and capacity to provide timely, personalised feedback and analysis on how students are tracking with their learning.

Initiative summary

Initiative summary

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Key features

  1. Live formative quizzes: RiPPLE promotes active learning using live interactive activities and formative quizzes in face-to-face or online learning sessions.
  2. Learner-sourcing: RiPPLE boosts student learning and engagement by having learners collectively create and evaluate learning content for each other.
  3. Adaptive practice: RiPPLE helps students master course material more effectively and efficiently with practice sessions customised to suit their learning needs.
  4. Peer-learning: RiPPLE helps students find effective study partners that suit their availability, preferences and learning needs.



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RiPPLE is available to all courses through UQ learn. To find out how to implement RiPPLE in your course please follow the link below. 

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