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The Professional Learning Initiative supports the development of the teaching expertise required to enable optimal learning and student experiences at UQ, through the delivery of a contemporary and comprehensive professional learning curriculum for university educators.

As UQ continues to transform the way higher education is imagined and experienced, our exceptional teachers must be supported to develop their expertise and enhance their skills, so they can adapt and think in new ways about their students’ education and implement the learning aspirations articulated in the Student Strategy.

The initiative will deliver a comprehensive professional learning program for university educators that supports and rewards teaching and learning performance and facilitates career progression. Our learning offerings will be aligned to diverse Professional Development pathways, enabling staff to incrementally build their teaching expertise by engaging with different types of activities at different times across their career path.

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Initiative summary

Initiative summary

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Key deliverables

  • Recognition of teaching expertise
    Methods of recording and recognising participants and teaching expertise will be developed and implemented, including the delivery of accredited programs that support staff to gain international accreditation through the Higher Education Academy fellowship scheme.
  • Development of teaching expertise
    The framework outlines the type of teaching expertise and educational leadership desired at UQ across multiple domains and dimensions of expertise. The framework is aligned to the UQ Student Strategy and the UK Professional Standards Framework, including the requirements of Higher Education Academy Fellowship.
    • Professional Learning career journey map
      Career journeys were mapped for a variety of educators engaged in T&L at UQ to support the development of appropriate professional learning opportunities.
    • Enhanced and expanded professional learning offerings
      Based on career journey findings, existing offerings are being reviewed and new courses will be developed as required.
    • Professional Engagement in T&L (PETL)
      PETL will incrementally link and cluster T&L professional learning to deliver an individually tailored learning experience. 

Teaching and Learning Career Pathways Project

In 2019, the Professional Learning (PL) team completed a project aiming at:

  • ​exploring staff experiences of formal and informal professional learning
  • exploring staff experiences of career opportunities, milestones and pathways
  • identifying gaps and opportunities for enhancement.

To achieve this, the project team undertook to explore, develop, and validate the “journey maps” of career paths typically experienced by teaching staff. These journey maps were then distilled into sets of key Teaching and Learning (T&L) messages, milestones and identities. The outcomes of this project will be used to review existing PL offerings and establish new PL pathways.

Download the T&L Career Pathways Project Report (UQ login required) (PDF, 2.4 MB)

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