Entrepreneurial Education initiative

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Building on our excellence in teaching and research, UQ is creating an ecosystem of entrepreneurial education to provide all students with the opportunity to experience entrepreneurial learning and develop the skills, knowledge and attributes to successfully navigate a rapidly changing world.

Entrepreneurial education is about developing our students’ ability to think critically and creatively, to identify problems and undertake complex problem solving, and to negotiate, communicate and lead. Beyond creating 'startups’, entrepreneurial education is about problem-solving and creating social, cultural or economic value, that cuts across all disciplines at UQ.

Entrepreneurial education is not new to UQ: there are already over 100 courses providing access to entrepreneurial learning across all faculties. Some of these courses are clearly identified as entrepreneurial while others have learning objectives and activities reflecting this (e.g. innovation or creativity) or may utilise discipline-specific terminology.

Initiative summary

Initiative summary

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Key deliverables

The Entrepreneurial Education initiative will deliver an ecosystem of entrepreneurial education within the curriculum. It will leverage existing and new approaches to help UQ enable, embed and then sustain its capability and capacity to offer high-quality entrepreneurial education to all students. The following are the key deliverables of the initiative:

  • Curriculum guidelines to support and facilitate staff in making changes and updates to embed entrepreneurial education into the curriculum.
  • Comprehensive professional learning program that will broaden the awareness and understanding of entrepreneurship, enterprise and innovation at UQ and build staff capability in entrepreneurial education.
  • Transferable content that can be utilised as courses or modules into programs.
  • Best practice case studies highlighting examples of entrepreneurial education to raise awareness and understanding and celebrate achievements of the UQ academic community.
  • Signature learning experience that encompasses enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurship, both curricula and co-curricular.
  • Community of Practice to enable peer support, connections, collaborations and sharing of best practice to strengthen and develop entrepreneurial teaching and learning in and outside of the classroom at UQ.
  • Existing courses revised and updated where needed to include entrepreneurial learning, in alignment with the Program Architecture 2 initiative and the Higher Education Learning Framework.
  • UQ 360 courses that provide the foundational skills, knowledge and experiences that can be built on in subject-specific context through scaffolded learning in schools and faculties throughout a degree program.
  • Graduate attributes reflect entrepreneurial mindset, attributes and competencies.

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