Digital Learning Uplift initiative

UQ’s Digital Learning Uplift is a program that transforms student learning and builds the capability of teaching staff through the design and delivery of blended and digital learning.

The Digital Learning Uplift program leverages the capabilities and learnings from the UQ2U initiative and offers a digital teaching and learning uplift via a flexible, sustainable, and scalable service model. It offers academics the ability to enhance their courses with pedagogical and technical support as and when needed.

COVID-19 has accelerated the demand for scaffolded, blended, and online learning development across the University and the Digital Learning Uplift has been supporting this demand since January 2021.


Our primary goal is to further our digital learning capability by building partnerships between Schools, ITaLI and beyond. These partnerships will be developed through projects aligned with our strategic priorities and new demand for online and blended learning.

Key benefits

  • Build the digital learning capability of teaching staff across UQ.
  • Model best practices in digital learning-enabled delivery methods, such as blended and fully online.
  • Develop scalable and sustainable digital learning solutions.
  • Strengthen productive relationships between the academic community and ITaLI.
  • Improve ITaLI's agility to partner with Schools/academics and collaborate on initiatives that cater to Schools' needs.
  • Leverage both ITaLI and Student Strategy resources to deliver: synchronous activities, teaching practices in multiple modalities, holistic instructional design, assessment redesign and opportunities to provide students with feedback.
  • Continue to promote the alignment with the Higher Education Learning Framework and advancement of active learning and authentic assessment practices.

Support level

  Mini Midi Large Complex
Where Schools need... Small improvements or refinements for a course or module. Small amounts of development/production for a course or modules. Full redesign of one or several courses with medium or large development/production. Major curriculum redesign in response to – for example – PA2, Accreditation, COVID-19, new offerings, etc.
How it works Consultation time to support the course team to improve course design, tools, learning activities etc. Collaboration between the course team and ITaLI Learning Designers against development schedule.

Collaboration between course team and ITaLI Learning Designers against development schedule and adopting a more structured project management approach for high volume development.

Holistic curriculum design capability building for the course team facilitated by ITaLI and the School.
What we can offer
  • Learning Designer consult
  • Professional learning guidance
  • Minor development (e.g. sample module),
  • Media production (i.e. production, post-production)
  • Course site shell creation,
  • Individual learning asset creation (e.g. interactive H5P).

Mini , plus (when appropriate):

  • 1:1 or 1:many capability building;
  • Project management consultation
  • Project planning support
  • Media booking
  • Learning Designer on-going support/guidance
  • Media consult, production, post-production, partial QA beta testing
  • Go-live support.

Midi , plus:

  • Additional hours of project managment and Leaning Designer support for shared workload
  • Staggered course release (if required)
  • Go-live support,
  • Implementation review.



Intensive capability building workshops.

Then if/when required, referral to a Mini, Midi or Large project.


  • Emphasis on a partnership approach and shared priorities between UQ Schools and Faculties via ITaLI Executive, Associate Deans (Academic), Heads of Schools and Teaching and Learning Chairs.
  • Flexible services from ITaLI teams to holistically focus on academic staff capability uplift and clear project outcomes.
  • Resourcing and duration aligned to project impact and scope.

The project criteria have been expanded to include:

  • alignment to Student Strategy goals
  • courses in core programs/majors that could benefit from an opportunity to refresh, refocus and increase student satisfaction
  • industry partnerships opportunities
  • programs/cluster/majors where an injection of blended, online, and active learning could create consistency across courses and improve learning experiences for a cohort
  • new offerings (shorter form credentials, postgraduate, continuing professional development, etc.)
  • opportunities for online active learning and engagement
  • targeted response to new student expectations and needs
  • courses with high impact, aligned with Program Architecture outcomes.

Program team

The UQ Digital Learning Uplift team is led by Program Manager Belinda Benes and builds on the experience and expertise of UQ2U team members who have been supporting the academic community over the past two years including during COVID-19 transition to online learning.

2021 confirmed/scheduled projects

Faculty School Number of projects
Business, Economics and Law (BEL) Business 2
Economics 2
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (EAIT) Chemical Engineering 1
Mechanical and Mining Engineering 3
Architecture 1
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences (HABS) Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences 2
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 5
Pharmacy 7
Dentistry 2
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) Languages and Cultures 2
Communication and Arts 5
Historical and Philosophical Inquiry 6
Social Science 1
Music 5
Education 3
Medicine Public Health 1
Biomedical Science 3
Medicine Program 1
Science Earth and Environmental Sciences 3
Biological Sciences 1
Agriculture and Food Sciences 3
Maths and Physics 2
UQ Projects Flagships 2
Other 5

Frequently asked questions

Request support with your project

If you have an idea for a project, please talk to your Head of School or Teaching and Learning Chair in the first instance as Schools will be coordinating the Expression of Interest (EOI) process.


For general enquiries, contact the UQ Digital Learning Uplift team.