The Student Strategy was designed to inspire, align and guide action across UQ to transform the student experience.

During the lifespan of this strategy, a range of initiatives were implemented to reinvigorate the Teaching and Learning space and provide a breadth and depth of opportunities to all UQ students. The implementation and realisation of this program was supported and funded by the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic).

A learning analytics tool providing course coordinators and teaching staff with dynamic student data that can be used to personalise teaching approaches for diverse cohorts and support student learning.
UQ’s response to COVID-19 has identified the need for a UQ digital learning uplift and has accelerated the demand for scaffolded blended and online learning development across the University.
Providing resources that support students with English as an Additional Language (EAL) or for those who identify as Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD).
Empowering students to learn from their experiences and use their capabilities to perform effectively in the workplace, create work opportunities for themselves and make an impact through their work.
Providing all students (regardless of their discipline or course) with the opportunity to experience entrepreneurial learning and develop the skills, knowledge and attributes to successfully navigate a rapidly changing world.
Transforming our student experience through flexible, integrated and partnered learning environments to ensure our campuses include vibrant spaces for on-campus learning, community engagement and student life.
Supporting the development of the teaching expertise required to enable optimal learning and student experiences at UQ, through the delivery of a contemporary and comprehensive professional learning curriculum for university educators.
Delivering a set of consistent program design principles, tools, systems and frameworks to help ensure UQ’s programs, majors and courses are sustainable, meet student and market expectations and optimise the student experience.
An adaptive learning system that recommends personalised learning resources to students based on their knowledge state, from a pool of resources that are generated by educators and the students themselves.
Creating flexible learning opportunities, life-long learning and meet our students’ changing education needs and future demands for credentialed learning.
Creating a cultural transformation at UQ whereby students are empowered to contribute to decision-making processes and to effect change in the enhancement of the student experience.
Redeveloping UQ’s largest courses to deliver more flexibility and greater active learning experiences to as many of our students as possible.