Re-development of SCIE1000: Theory & Practice in Science

Scope: SCIE1000 is an interdisciplinary course that aims to transform the way that students think, by focusing on problem solving and critical thinking in science contexts. The course interleaves science, mathematics, computer programming and philosophy of science, and challenges students to apply skills from all of these areas in such a way that enables transferral into their own discipline areas. This course is being redesigned to reach a broader range of disciplines.

Benefit: Students will be challenged to develop and apply multidisciplinary skills to enhance their problem solving and critical thinking. This will enhance the experiences of the students and will strengthen their learning outcomes.

Learning Improvement Grants

Scope: This is a competitive grant scheme that will address problems in poor-performing courses.

Benefit: By making course improvement funding available as grants, the process will be more collegial, improving the quality of teaching in these courses and subsequently the quality of learning.

Expanding Work Integrated Learning

Scope: This initiative aims to formalise, standardise and expand work integrated learning in science. This will involve funding staff to oversee and manage WIL, and supporting recognition events for students, WIL providers and UQ representatives.

Benefit: By expanding the availability of WIL in Science, more students will benefit from extensive employability experiences.