Strengthening EdTech Support for Faculty Programs (ePortfolio deployment)

Scope: Medicine is implementing ePortfolio in its programs, and is customising the software platform accordingly.

Benefit: Medicine students will be able to showcase their employability from their assessment, leading to increased satisfaction and more positive grade distributions.

Strengthen EdTech Support for Factulty Programs (e-Exam deployment)

Scope: This initiative aims to implement e-Exams across Medicine courses.

Benefit: Students will not have to complete paper-based exams, freeing up resources such as space and staff during exams.

Teaching Innovation Support

Scope: This initiative provides support for the review and redevelopment of related clusters of courses.

Benefit: Improved teaching and learning in Medicine courses, resulting in increased student satisfaction, SECaT scores and grade distributions.

MED-SET: Excellence in graduate outcomes

Scope:  This initiative aims to develop a Faculty employability strategy and establish a program for enhancing Medical students’ employability, as well as undertaking small projects that will immediately benefit employability.

Benefit: Students will have improve USMLE (compulsory exam for USA internship applications) pass rates and an improved readiness to intern. This will strengthen the relationship between the Medicine Faculty and alumni and industry.