Developing and embedding authentic assessment and employability initiatives within curriculum

Scope: This initiative aims to create assessment principles within HASS which encourage the use of authentic assessment and enhance relationships with industry to enrich assessment. The principles will be developed collaboratively with HASS staff, students and industry.

Benefit: HASS students will have increased employability skills through participating in authentic assessment experiences in each HASS undergraduate program and will develop connections with industry.

Extending Peer Mentoring

Scope: This initiative aims to develop a year-long program consisting of Faculty-wide group peer mentorship sessions, which will give early-year students the opportunity to interact with and seek advice from later-year students. HASS staff and students have worked together to design and pilot the program in Semester 1 2017, and have made changes and re-run the program in Semester 2 2017.

Benefit: Students will have increased access to fellow HASS students, especially senior students. From these students, they can gain valuable insights and advice into studying HASS at UQ. This program will also help to build a strong cohort in HASS, enhancing students’ sense of belonging at UQ and within HASS.

Academic Leader – Flexible Learning

Scope: HASS has appointed a senior academic leader in flexible and active learning to provide enhanced leadership and governance of flexible and active learning in the Faculty, and ultimately increase the number of courses in each HASS school with these features.

Benefit: By increasing the number of courses employing flexible and active learning, students will be provided with flexible options which support their priorities, meet their expectations and personalise their learning experience, leading to a high-value experience on campus, complemented by online resources.

Employability Events and Courses

Scope: HASS is investing in enhancing student employability by organising a series of collaborative employability events in partnership with HASS students and student societies. HASS is also working to embed employability courses in HASS programs, including scoping and developing school-specific courses aimed at enhancing undergraduate HASS students’ employability and their ability to articulate their skills.

Benefit: This initiative will increase HASS students’ employability knowledge and skills through offering more opportunities to develop their employability in extracurricular and curricular activities.