Learning outcomes skyrocket with flipped classroom

School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering

Flipped classroom

Dr Vince Wheatley

MECH3410 Fluid Mechanics

Dr Vince Wheatley’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Hypersonics: From Shockwaves to Scramjets (Hypers301x) enabled the introduction of a flipped classroom approach utilising components of the MOOC as a SPOC in 2014. Since adopting active learning sessions where interactive problem solving revolves around stimulating, authentic problems straight from industry examples, student satisfaction and learning outcomes have skyrocketed. Click here to read more.

Mobilising student learning in Myanmar

School of Architecture

Active learning in the field

Dr Pedro D'Alpoim Guedes

Mobility Matters

When discussing Flexible and Active Learning in The School of Architecture, Dr Pedro Guedes will tell you, mobility matters. Earlier this year (2017) Dr Guedes travelled to Myanmar with 20 students to work on a rehabilitation design project in collaboration with international counterparts and local students. Immersed in a foreign country with new culture, language and architectural marvels the students were mobilised to put their knowledge and skills to work.

Student participant Siubhan Rudge says the trip provided invaluable work and life experience that will without a doubt contribute to her career. Read her reflection of the trip here.

The School of Architecture also engages students in active learning through assessment designed around learning experiences. Student research and fieldwork assessment is showcased in print via these reference and field experience story books.

A new design for learning

School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Active learning by design

Associate Professor Stephen Viller

DECO7385 Physical Computing & Interaction Design Studio

There’s no need to memorise notes in the interaction design studio. Instead, students focus on creativity, teamwork, brainstorming and problem solving to actively learn by design. Student projects are featured at the annual UQ Interaction Design Exhibit. See photos from the event and watch the students in action.

Trevor Hunter has thirty years of teaching experience, is a tutor in the schools of Education and Engineering and is currently studying his Masters of Interaction Design. Read about his experience developing ‘Sound Garden’, a visual and interactive instrument that uses technology and movement to create music, and his thoughts on how active learning contributes to student success here.