This Spotlight

A highlight of people and programs that contribute to Flexible and Active Learning at UQ.

This month we're featuring courses from the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology, the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences and the Faculty of Science.

How does it fit in the Student Strategy?

Initiative 1: Extended online and on-campus active learning

Initiative 3: Program schedule alternatives 

What's in it for students?

UQ teachers are constantly finding new ways to ensure your learning is not only relevant but engaging and memorable. Read on to find out about the tools and techniques they're using.

What's in it for staff?

Flexible and Active Learning is a Student Strategy priority for 2017. Use these examples to formulate ideas and get some tips for how to transform your course.  

Get involved

For Staff

  • For information and resources on Flipped Classrooms visit the ITaLI website here
  • Register for this staff development course to learn how to implement the flipped classroom approach into your course or program.
  • A FAB (Flexible, Active, Blended) toolkit is now available on Blackboard. Find it under 'Organisations' by searching 'FAB' and enrolling. Check out examples of resources here.  

For Students

  • Do you have an idea or suggestion to improve your course? Send it through to your course coordinator directly or approach your school administration team.


Featuring courses from:

- School of School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering
- School of Architecture
- School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
Featuring courses from:

- School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
- School of Pharmacy
- School of Psychology
Featuring courses from:

- School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences
- School of Mathematics and Physics