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A highlight of people and programs that contribute to employability at UQ, featuring the Student Employability Centre (UQSEC) and the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law Student Employability Team (BELSET).

How does it fit in the Student Strategy?

Initiative 1: Student employability program expansion

What's in it for students? Getting or creating your dream job takes more than a degree. Improve your employability with a free online course, services from UQ and Faculty Student Employability Centres and tips from current students.
What's in it for staff? Employability is a key focus of the Student Strategy for 2017. Learn what resources are available to you.

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The Student Employability Centre (UQSEC) and the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law Student Employability Team (BELSET) are two remarkable teams providing UQ students with guidance and support to enhance their employability, and develop their careers. As part of the Student Strategy, UQ has invested in employability initiatives to develop and extend programs institution-wide. Read on for stories from staff and students who have been involved in some of UQ’s key employability programs, and watch this space for updates on new programs from other faculties.

The UQ employability framework provides a four stage approach to enhancing student employability.  The framework focuses on the experiential learning process, and enables students to translate both curricular and extracurricular experiences into employability development. Click here to learn more.


In the news

UQ's SEAL model for Employability featured in Chalk & Wire. Read the article here.  




For students: Unlock your employability

Brought to you by UQSEC and UQx, Employ101x provides an opportunity to learn how to unlock your personal and professional development and market your skills to potential employers to maximise your career success.

The course is self-paced and can be accessed by all students by registering on and enrolling in EMPLOY101x.

For students: Register for the Employability Award

For staff: Employability resources

EMPLOY101x: Utilise both instructional and supporting videos with valuable insights from local and international students, alumni, employer and academic contributors alongside your course content to improve your students’ employability. 

Lecturer Ms Annabel Sullivan explains why you should use the EMPLOY101x MOOC in your course.

Professional Development: A new staff development course is available to help staff develop an understanding of employability as a learning process, develop strategies for embedding employability development, and for supporting reflective practices in students' approaches to learning in both curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Law Student Employability Team (BELSET)

BEL students SET to go further  

The Business, Economics and Law faculty-embedded Student Employability Team, otherwise known as BELSET, is a program that supports over 10,000 UQ business, economics, and law students to set themselves up for career success with experiential learning employability programs.   

Offering 12 comprehensive programs to empower students (from enrolment to post-graduation), the BELSET team supports students to identify suitable career paths, develop employability skills, gain work experiences, become work ready and learn from industry by participating in:

  • Practical and interactive workshops co-run with employers
  • Project work with the not-for-profit sector
  • Work integrated learning (WIL) and work experience placements
  • Career exploration and personal reflection programs and resources
  • Mentoring and industry engagement
  • Real-life simulated recruitment assessment programs

… with an award winning team

The BELSET team’s work in providing employability programs in partnership with industry and recruitment experts was acknowledged in 2016 with a National Australian Financial Review Higher Education Employability Award.

The Group of Eight Australian Universities also applauded SET for bridging the gap between study and work-readiness.

The SET strategy is being employed as a model for employability initiative expansion across the institution. It is an example of how faculties are building student employability teams to meet the unique needs of their respective student bodies. 

Latest BELSET news

BELSET Employability Conference speaker encourages students to master their ‘FBI’ – fearlessness, belief and independent thinking. Read the blog post here.

BEL student story: Get your career on track with a timeline

Josh Roser’s career is well and truly on track thanks to his engagement with the BELSET team and various roles in clubs and societies. Listen to hear his tips and tricks for interviews, how to articulate the relevance of your skills to potential employers and why knowing your employability timeline will set you up for career success.


BEL student story: Chase your dream job with confidence

International student Lu Lin says one of the biggest employability challenges is building courage. After engaging with various BELSET programs she gained the confidence to successfully secure two work placements, and she says you can too. Listen for her tips on how to get involved in programs to ensure you stand out, and why employability skills are essential for all students who are chasing a dream job.

Employability initiatives: Career mentoring

Mark Tanner is a UQ alumnus currently involved as a career mentor in the BEL Career Mentoring Program. He lends his years of experience in management consulting to empower students to success. For more on Mark please click here.

Postgraduate Employability Services

MBA Career Resource Centre

Many people undertaking an MBA are looking to transition their careers by starting a business, moving industries, changing jobs to transfer skills to new industries, or transitioning to higher executive level positions. 

In July 2014, the UQ Business School established the MBA Career Resource Centre to support and enable students to undertake these varied transitions with ease.

The MBA Career Resource Centre provides individual career advice via 1:1 consultation services, actively promotes to, and partners with, industry leaders and employers of choice, establishes talent pipelines, and manages the recruitment process from application to offer. The Centre’s services are available to all MBA students throughout their studies and to all alumni at any stage in their career. Click here to find out more.

Get involved

For Students

  • Register for EMPLOY101x to boost your employability knowledge and skills. It’s free and upon completion you will receive a certificate to add to your portfolio.
  • Visit UQSEC in Building 17, St Lucia Campus to find out more about the UQ Employability Award and see what experiences and opportunities are available to you.
  • BEL students: Get in contact with the BELSET team here to see how you can build your employability
  • MBA students: Transition your career with ease, contact the MBA Career Resource Centre for a portal to new employment opportunities

For Staff

  • For more information on how to integrate Employability resources into your course or program please contact Anna Richards, Work Integrated Learning and Employability Coordinator, UQSEC
  • Register for this staff development course to learn how to implement employability initiatives into your course or program.