Students as Partners experiences

Meeting at Wordsmith’s Cafe to plan the logistics of the student panel
Featured: Alexander Dwyer, Stuart Russell, Matt Rostas, Caelan Rafferty, Fadia Khouri Saavedra, Sophie Blatcher

This week was an ‘office week’, consisting of editing my videos and podcast. However, I also participated in the Community of Practice meeting, where I was part of a student panel. The main purpose of this panel was to allow SaP students to speak up, share their experiences, and enhance partnerships.
A few days prior to the actual panel, Fadia invited myself and the group of fellow panel students (all from different pilots) to discuss logistics at Wordsmith’s cafe. We decided on not preparing any topics to discuss as this might not interest our audience. Instead, we decided the audience might wish to ask spontaneous questions, to which we would answer. Of course, we prepared back-up questions should no questions be asked.

I found the panel discussion experience challenging, but invaluable. I also appreciated that the audience was genuinely interested in what my fellow student panel and I had to say. Through this interest communicated to us, I feel confident in our contribution to the meeting. I hope our feedback will help pave way for improvements for Students as Partners in 2018.



It's a wrap

Listen to my audio blog below to hear about my final two weeks and reflections on my Students as Partners experience. For a text version please click here.


It was an absolute pleasure to partner with Sophie (and I don't just say that because of her extremely kind words!). Sophie is intelligent and thoughtful, and as a student partner her proactive diligence was exactly why our partnership worked so well. Over the course of the last 3 months Sophie has learnt a number of new soft and technical skills (interpersonal and written communication, journalism, and media production) but perhaps one of the most significant changes I saw was in Sophie's confidence and ability to think outside of the box. I was also reminded of and learnt new things - such as interpersonal communication styles and how I'd like to develop my skills in a leadership capacity. This partnership was definitely a reminder of how we (staff/students) can teach and inspire eachother with new ideas. I would recommend the program to any professional or academic staff member looking to start a new project, or integrating the student perspective into current work. Thank you, Sophie for your hard work and always bringing your smile to the office. (If you haven't already - read Sophie's Peer Mentoring spotlight story

Above: The ITaLI offices and Sophie's work areas

Below: Having some fun in the office