We’re all new here


Zarese has gone overseas for two weeks, but before she left, we wrote out a list of my goals to achieve before her return. My goals were:


After prioritizing these tasks, it was clear to me the podcast discussing O to 4 Mentoring with Malindri and her student was most important and had to be completed soon, especially since next month I would be on ‘holiday’ preparing for my exams.

Thus, before leaving, Zarese introduced me to the appropriate people in ITaLI to correspond with when hiring the UQx Studio (to record a podcast). Zarese also gave me an excellent demonstration of how to set up the audio recorder and the tripod. This made me feel more confident about the real recording day and what to expect.

I also wrote up a list of questions I planned to ask Malindri and her student, and sent them to Zarese for review. She checked and approved my questions even though she was on her day off before travelling! I’m not sure you can get any more committed and dedicated than that!

After corresponding with Malindri and her student via email, we finally locked in a recording date - exciting! This will be our first podcast for all of us - we’re all new here.

On the day, the UQx staff were so lovely and accommodating. They helped me set up the audio recorder on a tripod in the Studio, and gave us tips for a successful recording.

I’m very pleased with the outcome. Malindri was very professional, extensive in her responses and made the conversation light and enjoyable. The student mentor, Aishath, was also very lovely to interview. She was clearly very involved with the program, and was passionate about her role.

The biggest issue we faced during this podcast was forgetting that the record button needed to be pressed twice, not once. Thus, at one point during the interview, we had ‘recorded’ about 5 minutes worth of discussion. We had to start that section again unfortunately. Despite this, Malindri and Aishath were patient and understanding. In the end, we had a lot of fun, and even managed to record some synchronized wows before bursting out laughing.

Malindri listened back to all the audio recordings afterwards, and was very pleased. For our first ever podcast recording, I’m proud of our efforts.

Although I won’t be in the office for a while, I am excited to edit this podcast and I can’t wait to see (or should I say, hear) what the outcome is! Till after exams!




Unfortunately I wasn't in the office this fortnight but to ensure we stuck to our schedule Sophie planned to record this interview (so she could use the following week to edit it as appropriate). I was really proud of the way Sophie worked with fellow ITaLI colleagues and Malindri and Aishath to produce this podcast. Throughout our time working together we set realistic goals around our schedules, so I wasn't suprised that Sophie finished this task, but was impressed with the quality of her work - well done Sophie, and thank you for your efforts!