An ‘office week’

This week I sent out some emails to move along my tasks, and project as a whole. These emails requested meetings with peer mentoring program coordinators, and my checking in with other Pilot groups for anything interesting to share. I also had some time to begin editing and compiling the video footage for my stories. This week was very much an ‘office week’.
I am also constantly checking in with Zarese and asking for her opinion on my work. This has been very easy as all I have to do is spin around my chair and begin with “Zarese…”

I expect more ‘office weeks’ towards the end of my project.

On another note, my workload and responsibilities outside of SaP is increasing and thus maintaining a balance is becoming stressful. But the flexibility, understanding and support I am given from Zarese is incredible!

Our pilot is so awesome, we had to tell the world (well, some people)

This week was presentation time! On top of editing my videos in the office this week, Zarese and I created a PowerPoint presentation about our partnership, where we presented to other pilot programs. Likewise, we listened to their presentations. All presentations were excellent, and I found myself noticing the contrasts and the similarities between each pilot program. For example, our pilot (7) had a lot of flexibility and room for creativity in comparison to large group and research-based pilots. It was also clear to see that each pilot program was a subset of a bigger plan to implement students as partners to UQ on a bigger scale.

I think Zarese and I presented well. I was especially glad that we included images in our PowerPoint slides. This made it easier to visualize our pilot experience and our achievements, but also engaged our audience more.
At the end of presentations, we had time to speak to numerous students as partners. I was very excited to learn that many of them needed our help and advice in communicating what they were doing and what they had achieved to a larger audience. We had some meaningful discussions about potential collaborations in the future.

During these interactions, I was also very proud of Zarese. She is very switched on when speaking about her work, and she doesn’t let any opportunities slip by.