The rookie filmmaker continues to learn

Capturing Zarese on the way back from our shoot

This week I filmed my first ever group of talents. The group consisted of ZOOM (lived experience of disability and or mental illness) Peer Mentors and Sybilla Wilson, the Program Coordinator. The group was going through a training session. Although the sound was muted due to privacy concerns, the live discussion was interesting to listen to, and at times relatable as I am also a student. Zarese came along this week too (for the first 5 minutes, and the last hour). It was great to have her with me again - we always have tons of fun, and I feel more confident having access to her expertise.

Zarese helped me set up the camera equipment and then I filmed the group for the duration of their training, by myself. It was a great experience for me to practically learn how to best capture the talents. When Zarese returned, we set up a space to interview two mentors about the ZOOM program. They were great talents, and the interviews did not take too long. However, I learned that one must always carry spare batteries for the camera. Luckily, we had easy access to power points.

After this week, I was able to more confidently plan and visualize how I wanted the camera angles and lighting to tell a particular story. This is largely due to Zarese’s guidance and my research on filming techniques done in my spare time. Furthermore, I now cannot watch a movie or an advertisement without thinking critically about the filming process involved, the way a clip has been edited, and what could have been done better. I think I’m ready for more independence, and I’m excited to try out my filming ideas (angles, lighting, editing).