Development of LAWS4701

Scope: BEL is developing a final-year course which synthesises core knowledges from foundational and advanced units across the law degree in a Simulated Professional Learning Environment. Students will work online and face-to-face in a “law firm” of 4-5 students, representing one of the virtual clients in the dispute.

Benefit: Students will have the opportunity to practice and build skills in multidisciplinary teamwork and solve contextualised, complex problems. These capabilities are vital to the career of a law student.

What has happened: Quality assurance testing conducted and procurement plan completed. Project has been delayed due to changes in the real legal case that the scenario is based on.

What will happen: The project will continue to be developed and filming will commence March-May 2018.

BEL MicroMasters Programs

Scope: BEL and UQx are developing two online MicroMasters programs on edX: UQx Leadership MicroMasters and UQx Innovation & Entrepreneurship MicroMasters. These can be completed entirely online and students can gain credit towards the BEL Masters programs at UQ.

Benefit: The programs will provide an enrolment pathway to studying a Masters in BEL at UQ. These programs will further develop and demonstrate UQ’s capabilities in eLearning design and production.

What has happened: Content for the UQx Leadership MicroMasters has been developed, and the MOOC will be offered from October 2017 to October 2018.

What will happen: The second MOOC, UQx Innovation & Entrepreneurship will continue to be developed and will run from January 2018 to December 2018.