As part of the UQ Student Strategy 2020 work is taking place across all UQ campuses to build vibrant and enhanced learning spaces.

See the latest refurbishments below: 

Colin Clark Refurbishment

Colin Clark rooms have been revitalised with collaboration in mind.


UQ Centre Learning Theatre

An impressive renovation of the UQ Centre Learning Theatre (Room 27A-220), now the largest lecture theatre at the St Lucia Campus. This revitalised teaching space supports enhanced student learning with increased capacity (seats 506), improved accessibility and sight lines, larger desks accommodating both left and right hand users, and access to power (GPO or USB) to facilitate technology based learning activities. For more information on the renovation please click here.

Watch the renovation

Testimonials from students

The ability to charge phones, laptops etc. from the power stations under the chairs is a brilliant idea that I think should be implemented in all lecture rooms.

Desk size is great, suitable for both left and right handed students :) The chairs are also really comfortable.

The renovation of this room is amazing. The overall aesthetic is very appealing and I would say it's the best room I have my lectures in across campus, therefore creating a different level of excitement to attend class. The sound and acoustics are great and I'm able to hear my lecturer perfectly no matter where I sit in the room. The lighting is just right for note taking and is adjustable which is super convenient. The projectors display the professors power-points well and I'm able to see them clearly from the front and back of the room. Finally the space given per seat is great as there is sufficient space for all personal items needed such as my laptop for notes and my water bottle on the pull out desk, the seat is very comfy and there is sufficient space both in front and below my chair to store my backpack. I am very pleased with the renovation and I really like attending classes in this room.

Its size is great; there are always enough seats. The acoustics of the room are great as well as one can hear everything even from the back of the room and if not, the microphone is always adjustable. The chargers attached to every seat is very useful, and the projector screens at the front are a perfect size.

I think it is a great learning space which encourages team cohesion and team work. The screens are well-placed throughout the room to allow students to easily see content being covered.

I think the UQ Centre lecture theatre is a really nice learning space, comfortable, looks good and well insulated. I enjoy attending class here.





Enhanced sight lines


Access to power


Larger desk size