The Student Strategy is a multi-year program designed to inspire, align and guide action right across UQ to transform the student experience. 

Across the lifespan of the program, we have been implementing a range of initiatives to reinvigorate the Teaching and Learning space to ensure a broad range of opportunities are available to all UQ students. The Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) has supported the implementation and realisation of the program by providing funding for the initiatives. 

Key achievements

190 000+ student enrolments*

in courses which incorporate UQ2U, Employability and Entrepreneurial Education attributes.
* not unique student enrolments

9000+ course touch points*

The majority of touch points were made by Program Architecture (3383) and Learning Analytics (3796). Other activities included Employability (1626), Entrepreneurial Education (363) and UQ2U (72).
* not unique courses

70,000+ Work Integrated Learning opportunities*

Student enrolments in courses with Work Integrated Learning or Entrepreneurial attributes.
* not unique student enrolments

62% increase in employability opportunities

Student participation in Employability global and domestic opportunities has increased by 62% between 2018 and 2019.

2 new educational tools

An adaptive learning platform (RiPPLE) and a teacher dashboard (Course Insights) have been developed to personalise and optimise the students’ learning experience.

54 additional collaborative learning spaces

Due to a substantial increase in demand for collaborative learning environments, since 2016 we’ve created double the amount of collaborative learning environments from conversion of existing rooms and establishment of new learning facilities, resulting in an additional 2,834 seats.

Key benefits achieved through the strategy

For staff

  • Progression of academic career through awards, professional learning and communities of practice.
  • Embedded entrepreneurial education into the curriculum to enhance students’ soft skills and better prepare them for their future careers.
  • Access to learning analytics tools and adaptive learning systems that provide real-time student data to track their learning and personalise their experience for more effective learning.
  • Availability of analytics tools to improve feedback loops with students, allowing them to master course material more effectively and efficiently.
  • Opportunity to encourage and support active learning in the curriculum through enhanced pedagogies, collaborative learning spaces and live interactive activities.
  • Gain new ideas, see pedagogies being implemented, observe teaching across UQ through opportunities to visit other classrooms.
  • Benefit from the introduction of a new curriculum management system, a more flexible academic calendar, standard program structures and simplified policies and procedures.

For students

  • Access to global mobility grants and internship opportunities to improve employability in an inter-connected world.
  • Benefit from flexible and personalised learning options through the expansion of our online and digitised delivery.
  • Opportunity to enjoy a more engaging, personalised experience across all aspects of your university life.
  • Receive personalised recommendations for learning activities or courses based on your knowledge state.
  • Receive timely and personalised feedback on how you are tracking with your learning and how you can further develop your skills.
  • Have the opportunity to get involved, have a say or be represented across all UQ Committees. 
  • Develop your ability to think critically and creatively, to identify problems and undertake complex problem solving, and to negotiate, communicate and lead – through curriculum improvements across all programs and faculties.