Student Strategy

As a top 50 global university, The University of Queensland is continually striving to provide a signature student experience that will change the way higher education is imagined. Our vision is to create a transformative student experience that will inspire new generations of students to ask questions that create change.

In July 2016, UQ launched the Student Strategy: a five-year transformational plan that focuses on working toward four inter-related goals that are fundamental to the realisation of our vision. The Strategy also identified key initiatives or areas to be developed that would help the University progress those goals.

Since its launch, the UQ Student Strategy has achieved substantial benefits for students and staff including the expansion of opportunities for students to develop their employability, more blended and active learning experiences, improved virtual and physical learning environments, and greater support for academic staff in their teaching.

Strategic goals

To graduate students who use their intellectual assets to build meaningful careers, become effective leaders, and turn their ideas into impact.
To provide our students with flexible options that support and service their priorities, meet their expectations and personalise their learning experience.
To strengthen a dynamic and enterprising culture that supports continued innovation, adapts to change, and is shared, valued and enriched by students and staff.
To build a vibrant, practical and digitally-integrated environment that supports and enhances on campus learning, community engagement and student life.